Hella Supertone Horn Kit RED 118dB Set of 2 incl Relay

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Hella Supertone Horn Kit RED 118dB Set of 2 incl Relay

You have probably seen them around, mostly on scooby's and evo's, but on other cars as well: These red horns in the grill. We now offer the real deal: Authentic Hella Supertone Kits.

The Twin Supertone Horn Kit features two horns, a relay (no connectors, wires or mini-harnesses), mounting brackets, and step-by-step instructions. Hella says the Supertones put out about 118 decibels at roughly two meters distance, which would make them between 10 to 20 dB louder than stock. In most cases, installation involves securing the horns to the bumper brace and wiring them up.

Compact design with low power consumption.
The "Super Tone" is a premium aftermarket warning horn set for drivers who want to be heard.
Aesthetically striking, its high penetrating sound projects forward and a robust build make it a deal for rugged off road usage.
It has durable all weather galvanized steel metal frame. The trumpet in red colour gives the horn a classy and sporty look. With a strong and clear tone, it gives safe driving experience having wide-angle sound propagation.

- Voltage: 12V
- Current: 6 amp (max)
- High Tone: 500hz
- Low Tone: 300hz
- Sound Pressure: 118db (at 2m from source)
- Type of sound: Disc Horn, Metallic, T.T Horn.
- Part Number: 3AG 003 399-801(With Relay)
- 123mm Diameter TT Grill design
- ECE R28 Approved

Easy installation with included relais:
- 30 goes to the battery
- 85 goes to ground
- 86 goes to the existing horn wire
- 87 goes to the horns

Attention: A lot of fake Hella horns are on the market already. Always check you buy genuine HELLA products to be guaranteed of the quality and sound levels! Our Hella sets are 100% genuine!

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Hella Supertone Horn Kit RED 118dB Set of 2 incl Relay